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EXPANSION STRATEGY: Starting business abroad

This business event is an annual meeting of the owners and senior executives with the main goal to obtain information and share experiences on how to promote their business in the global market.

The purpose of the event:

To help owners of Russian private companies to take the first step in the expansion of their business abroad. In particular, inspire, assess their capabilities, strengths of the product and its business network. Moreover they should understand step by step what the procedures, how to start a conversation with the consultants, lawyers, etc. Therefore, approximately 60% of the time will be given to the consultant-speakers that already have experience in assisting Russian companies while expanding to Western markets, and to the owners of the organizations that have done so.

What are the benefits for a company of doing business in the developed countries?

  • Opportunities to be in a business environment with more even and predictable dynamics of consumer demand, and avoid devaluation of the ruble in case of an adverse macroeconomic scenario in the 10-year span;
  • Protect the property while buying assets abroad;
  • To raise the effectiveness of core business in Russia;
  • To get access to loans and investment funds for the entire business on substantially better conditions in comparison with Russia;
  • To get the right of free movement over the world;
  • Provide a balanced response to the foreign companies operating on a Russian territory.

The results of participation in the meeting:

If you just think about the expansion of core business abroad, you will receive valuable information in a concentrated form.

If you have a successful experience in doing business abroad — sales, procurement, product development — it will be interesting and helpful to hear about other successful examples.

If your experience is not very good, the information obtained through the meeting will enable you to rethink it and maybe provide new materials to bring you satisfying results.

Participation in the meeting will allow you to get more understanding in the areas such as:

  • What steps will allow me to enter into the global business community?
  • What countries to choose at the beginning? What countries offer opportunities to develop my business?
  • What should be done in terms of capital management?
  • How to start and whom to rely on? The first step that I should take? The main questions I should ask advisers on legal matters, real estate and personnel specialists.

“Ignition key” of the Russian economy is outside of Russia.

European countries can offer a certain consumer benefit. Dutch cheese.
German cars.French wine. Swiss watches.Italian clothes.Russia also has an opportunity to offer the world true customer value. And it could be something very traditional for us: Kubanian fat, butter from Vologda …

We have many this sort of things; they should be just identifies, and put into circulation.
The turning point will come when many companies will be able to announce, our commercial director completes building distribution system in Slovakia, but there he moved from Holland, we launch our third brand in the international market and so on.

S. Makshanov, director of “Training Institute — ARB Pro”,
magazine “Expert”

The author of the program:

Demid Golikov — head of strategic planning group Group of companies “Training Institute — ARB Pro”

Education: Oxford University, Saint-Petersburg University of economics and finance

Experience: over 20 projects related to the strategic planning in Russian and international companies in diverse business areas.