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Program of the meeting 2011: 28th October 2011 (Business center “Arsenal”)

9:30–10:00 — registration of partisipants

10:00–14:00 Session 1. Entry strategies for Russian companies in developed markets.

  • Purchase of existing business
  • Product development abroad for the current Russian market needs
  • Establishment of joint ventures and partnerships with international companies.

Luzin Alexander — partner and a leading expert “ASTE Business Consultants”

Iolanta Skorikova — marketing director of “ALVISTA A. G. “Company

  • Purchase of goods and production in China, including under domestic brands
  • Delivery of goods from China to Russia, customs risks
  • Investment in the acquisition of Chinese companies
  • Establishment of joint ventures in China

Sergey Shkarupa — CEO of holding company “Sanna” and managing partner of Russian-Chinese company “CHIN-RU” (multimodal logistics provider and customer representative)

14:00–15:00 — Lunch

15:00–17:00 Session 2. What is useful to know for a CEO of the Russian company in order to successfully operate on the international markets.

  • The main differences in the conditions between the EU countries (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands), USA, Canada, and Australia.
  •  Purchase of existing business or starting a new business: the sequence of actions, what goals to set and how to reach them.
  • The procedure of buying property, the decision of problems related to immigration and other related issues

Yitzhak Elkind, USA — an international lawyer, managing partner (participating via video conferencing)

Vladislav Kvashnin, Russia, Ph. D.— an international lawyer, President of the International Legal Corporation “Digesta” (International legal and business consulting, assistance in the development of international business)

17:00–18:30 Session 3. Capital management of the company.

  • How to reinvest earnings and free cash flow outside of Russia.
  • How business owner can build a portfolio of assets.

Boris Kozhukhovsky — financial consultant in consulting group “Personal Capital”

18:30–19:00 — Stand-up party

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